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Our Story


      I started turning duck calls on my Grandfather's old wood lathe in the summer of 2012, not knowing a thing about making one from scratch. I used my old, cracked baseball bats and dried Cedar I found in a woodpile.  I have always enjoyed making things from nothing.  The more I went into that old shop, the more I enjoyed it.  The simplicity of turning firewood into functional tools appealed to me and had me hooked after making the first one. I have learned alot through this process and still continue to learn today.

      Upon starting Medical School at LSU Health-Shreveport in 2014, I had to find another way to continue to make calls. Due to the time constraints, I began to produce the calls by CNC machine with the same pride and attention to detail as the wooden calls made in that old shop. Even though alot has changed in the production of the calls, each one is still fine tuned by hand. 

      In 2016, I launched FUSE'd Outdoors LLC with aim to promote our products, as well our partners. We strive to promote hunting, conservation, and the outdoors to the next generation     


   Thanks for visiting! 



     -Alex Fuselier

How we started

What started off as a hobby has grown into a passion. Duck hunting and enjoying the outdoors is not something we like to do, it something we have to do.

Why FCC?

We take pride in what we do. We use only the finest materials to put together a fine tuned instrument. Our duck calls are tools made to withstand anything you can put them through. Each one is finished by hand and can be fined tuned exactly how you want it.

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