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Field-proven decoys, gear, and accesories.

Tanglefree changed the waterfowl industry in 1972, and continues to do so today with high quality decoys and waterfowl gear.  We are proud to partner with other companies that continue to design and develop innovative products. We use their products every day, from decoys to dog products, and all have stood the test of time.  

"Turning Clothing Into Gear"


SITKA Gear exists to elevate the standard against which all other hunting brands are measured – in product design, customer service, and environmental stewardship. Sitka designs new products and solutions for the modern outdoorsman based on a simple philosophy, "Turning Clothing Into Gear." Sitka's waterfowl system is tailored for specific seasons. From everyday solids to Optifade Marsh, Sitka Gear keeps us out doing what we love to do.  

Mathews Inc.

Catch Us If You Can

Each year Mathews strives to build the most technologically advance bows in the world, and they do just that. They have set the bar in the archery industry and continue to push the limit.

Built for the wild.


YETI products are known for thier durability and exceptional design. Their products are built to withstand any conditions, and be ready for the next adventure.  

MYSTERY RANCH builds the best load-bearing equipment in the world.  

Backpacks made to last with durable construction using the best materials available. We trust Mystery Ranch bags to help us accomplish our mission in the field and abroad.



 Stokerized is a company with plenty of innovative and practical solutions to common misconceptions about how FORCE, TORQUE, MASS AND WEIGHT affect a bow's dynamic stability. We believe in having sound scientific data behind the products we engineer; which is why we utilize proven physics concepts related to vibration and balance in our stabilizer designs. All of our proprietary technologies are extremely effective in eliminating both static and dynamic torque on a bow while providing excellent balance, stability, and vibration reduction. When utilizing our proven stabilizing systems you can be confident that you will hold and aim your bow like never before.

Vapor Trail Archery


Vapor Trail Archery was founded in 1993 by a shooter frustrated with consistency and quality of the archery equipment available. Their VTX strings were the answer to the frustration.  Peep rotation, string creep and serving separation are no longer a factor…set it and forget it…guaranteed!  All of this comes with a Lifetime Service Guarantee.  The Limbdriver Pro-V is the other innovative product that changed the industry standard for arrow rest. It is a limb driven, full containment rest, that sets up in minutes without a bow press. 

Custom Hammocks & Outdoor Gear


"Full Time I am a Captain with a Metro Atlanta Fire Department and part time I'm a Youth Pastor with a small Christian Church in our little hometown of Jackson, Ga. My wife and I started this business adventure to help our daughters learn how to manage money and run a Christian business. We wanted them to learn about the cost of products plus labor, sales of products and replenishing materials, Tithing the money made, saving some money, and having a little bit of spend money."


Our Custom Item List includes: Nylon Backpacking Hammocks, Paracord Gun Slings, Survival Kits, Hammock Strap Conversion Kits, Yeti 30oz rambler handle.

~ Jon and Melissa

    ​Proverbs 22:6

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