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   Each part of our calls is precisely machined in South LA.  The barrels are machined from 4 foot cast acrylic rods. The inserts are machined from aircraft grade aluminum on a 5th axis CNC to the thousandth of an inch. Each one is polished by hand. We cut each reed and fine tune with a file and sanding block to get our unique sound. Each one is made to sound like a live duck, no gimmicks. 

   Our design is unique compared to other duck calls on the market. Each part of the design was specifically engineered for a reason. It is different than any other call on the market. It starts with a thick toneboard modeled from the old cutdown OLT's. Each has a large bore that is tapered toward the channel. This allows you to accurately control the range of volume. You can scream on big water, and you can finish ducks in the timber, all with one call. We machine a deep tone channel that provides the rich, full sound. Relief cuts are made on each side of the board to make the call quicker and more reactive. 

   Our goal is not to win contest, that's just a bonus. Our goal is to produce a tool that imitates a live duck allowing you to kill ducks day in and day out. We only use materials that will last through years of the abuse we put them through. They will withstand the cold, wet, muddy conditions that duck hunter's dream about. 



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