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Alex Fuselier, M.D.

Owner / Founder / CEO

     I was born and raised in South Lousiana, right in the heart of Cajun Country. I grew up with a twin sister, Alexi, in St. Martinville, where faith and family were always a priority. Looking back, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

     I graduated from Teurlings Catholic in 2008, and attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where I had the privilege of playing baseball.  I was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2011 MLB Draft and graduated from the Univeristy of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2012, with a Bachelors of Science in Biological Studies.  

     In 2013 I married Halee, the love of my life, who has always supported me throughout all our endeavors. She has dealt with the traveling  and uncertainty of the minor league season, as well as traveling and uncertainty of the duck season, all while achieving her dreams of becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy.  

     I spent two years in the Pirates organization.  I was able to play in many different ballparks along the East Coast, from Vermont to South Florida.  During the season, I would spend the little time I had off the field enjoying the outdoors.  Fly fishing Spring Creek in State College, Pennsylvania, was probably my favorite place to get away from the daily grind of baseball.  I would usually finish the season in mid-September, just in time to get ready for duck season.  I would spend the off season chasing ducks and geese across South LA. I was fortunate to be able to hunt most mornings, while doing alot of the off season strength and conditioning programs in the afternoons.  After the duck season and conservation goose season, it would be time to pack my bags for Spring Training. 

     I have always been an advocate for health and wellness.  In 2014, I had the opportunity to begin Medical School at LSU Health- Shreveport.  I competed medical school and graduated in 2018. I completed 5 years of training in Urologic Surgery and currently practicing in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

     Many people find it ironic to be passionate about hunting and health.  To me, it's about much more than the kill.  It's about the pursuit, the chase, and enjoying God's creation.  The kill is the climax, and validates your efforts.  Watching the sun rise, or set in the field is good medicine.  My time spent in the field has always been a way for me to slow down from the hectic pace of everyday life.

     I enjoy making and fixing things with my hands.  I believe tools can always be made better, or designed better.  That is what got me into tweaking duck calls, and ultimately lead to starting FUSE'd Cajun Calls.  You can read more About Us and Our design by following those links.  

     Thank you for visiting and supporting FUSE'd Cajun Calls. God Bless.




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