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     Born and raised in South LA, Halee is a Cajun girl. She enjoys plucking ducks after hunts and cooking duck gumbos...kidding.  

     Halee is the only real doctor at FCC. She graduated in 2015 and is a registered Doctor of Pharmacy in Louisiana.  She has heart for the less fortunate and always takes care of those in need.

     She loves the Lord, her family, her dog, shoes, and lipstick. She is an excellent duck wife. Anyone married to a passionate duck hunter knows its not for the faint of heart.  She understands the early mornings, long travels, road trips, and only ask that we stay safe and keep her dog clean.

     She is an essential part of our team at FCC.  She spoils Remi like no other, picks a lot of our color combos, cooks for the crew from time to time, and always enjoys a good time.  We are fortunate to have her at FCC.  


Halee Fuselier

CFO / "Real" Boss
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