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The Signature Series is FUSE'd Cajun Calls flagship model. Using 4ft cast acrylic rods and aircraft grade aluminum, each call is CNC machined to the thousandth of an inch. The combination of premium materials and precision manufacturing gives the Signature Series calls the ability to weather the elements and take any abuse you can give it. 
This call was engineered with our unique tone board design. The design provides the aggressive, raspy sound of a mallard hen throughout its entire range. You can scream on those windy days without sacrificing the ability to finish them in the decoys, all with the same call

Signature Series


Our calls are manufactured to make the most consistent, life like mallard sounds in the field.  Attention to call care will ensure the sound performance, as well as prolong the life of the call.  The toneboard should be kept clean throughout the season.  The cork and reed should be replaced according to the frequency of use.  The call should be cleaned after each season with soapy water. Please avoid products containing alcohol, as it can affect the acrylic surfaces.  

You can always CONTACT US to tune your call, at no cost, for the lifetime of your call. We ask that you cover return shipping.  

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